2600 West Taylorsville Blvd. Taylorsville, Utah, 84129
Office: (801) 963-5400
Fax: (801) 963-7891

About Our City


The City of Taylorsville was incorporated on July 1, 1996 through the grassroots efforts of citizens who developed a vision that would provide greater local control of community planning, economic development, and municipal service delivery.

While Taylorsville is still one of Utah's newest cities, the area has a rich history reaching back to 1848 when pioneers Joseph and Susanna Harker crossed over the Jordan River and founded the Taylorsville-Bennion areas originally referred to as "Over Jordan."

Form of Government
The City is organized under the Council - Mayor form of Municipal Government, with the Mayor serving the community and the Chief Executive Officer of the City. Under this form of government, the City Council is the legislative body, enacting laws (ordinances) and adopting the City's Annual Budget. The Mayor oversees the Administration of the City through the Community Development, the Court and the Administrative Departments, utilizing the budget adopted by the City Council.