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The City of Taylorsville was incorporated on July 1, 1996 through the grassroots efforts of citizens who developed a vision that would provide greater local control of community planning, economic development, and municipal service delivery.

While Taylorsville is still one of Utah's newest cities, the area has a rich history reaching back to 1848 when pioneers Joseph and Susanna Harker crossed over the Jordan River and founded the Taylorsville-Bennion areas originally referred to as "Over Jordan".

Form of Government
The City is organized under the Council - Mayor form of Municipal Government, with the Mayor serving the community and the Chief Executive Officer of the City. Under this form of government, the City Council is the legislative body, enacting laws (ordinances) and adopting the City's Annual Budget. The Mayor oversees the Administration of the City through the Community Development, the Court and the Administrative Departments, utilizing the budget adopted by the City Council.

Taylorsville Demographics

Population 58,652
Number of Households 19,761
Average Household Size 2.96 persons
Percent of Homeowners 65%
Average Household Income $65,656
Age 30.4% under 19
  60.5% 19-65
  9.1% over 65
Number of Licensed Businesses 1,965
City Size by Population Tenth Largest in Utah
  Fifth Largest in Salt Lake Valley


Taylorsville has a thriving business base. Companies like American Express, Convergys Corporation, Abbott Critical Care, Data Chem Laboratories, Unibase Data Entry and Nelson Laboratories have discovered our advantages.

Our workforce is strong and growing. Two institutions of higher education create citizens who are educated and skilled. With strong values and a good education, they are prepared for the workplace.


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  Our central location in the Salt Lake Valley is ideal. We enjoy access to Interstate 215 and are within one mile of Interstate 15 and the light rail system. We are also within 15 minutes of the Salt Lake International Airport.

Local businesses are very supportive of community events. Companies regularly offer their time, resources and money. Their efforts are helping our city to flourish. Our residents realize and appreciate the many contributions of the business community.




Central to the education community is the Salt Lake Community College. More than 24,000 matriculated students from around the valley are taking courses. The Community College has the second largest student body in the Utah system of higher education. ITT Technical Institute, Taylorsville High School and several junior high schools emphasize Taylorsville's focus on education.

There are several events that will take place annually in Taylorsville. The Taylorsville City parade and Taylorsville Dayzz form a good example of how diversity and working together build strong community ties. Each year the Taylorsville Arts Council presents a musical performance by resident volunteers.

Parks and Recreation
Taylorsville has golf courses, baseball parks, a skateboarding park, a swimming pool, and several community parks. For more information, click on the link above.

The Taylorsville High School baseball team has a very loyal following, and for good reason - they have been state champs for seven of the last eleven years. Some of the Taylorsville Little League teams have been national champions several times. In fact, Taylorsville's baseball program was the first in Utah to take State in every age group.

Taylorsville's community pride is expressed in many different ways - well groomed yards, friendly hello's, but possibly the most apparent expression of community pride is volunteerism. Several hundred volunteers make up numerous city committees and thousands more are involved in city events, religious undertakings and educational activities. In the City's first election (November 1995), 66 candidates ran for five City Council seats and there were nine candidates for Mayor. Few cities can boast this level of political enthusiasm.

Information developed in cooperation with the Economic Development Corporation of Utah