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Ambassador Program


The City of Taylorsville will accept applications for the 2017-2018 "Taylorsville Youth Ambassadors" program beginning in August 2017. The following information describes the protocol for selecting Taylorsville Youth Ambassadors:

·        A maximum of four (4) youth will be selected to be “Taylorsville Youth Ambassadors.”

·        Ambassadors will serve for a period of one year, from October through August.  Each Ambassador will serve until new Ambassadors are

selected.  Each Ambassador can only serve one term.

·        Ambassadors will be chosen by a selection panel made up of at least 4 members from the following: the Mayor, a member of the City

Council, the City Council Coordinator, a resident, a representative from a Taylorsville secondary school, and a member of a local service


·        Duties will include participation in ribbon cuttings, ground-breakings, City ceremonies, Taylorsville Dayzz, service projects, and parades

(on the City float).

·        Ambassadors will be provided with a blazer or vest with the City logo to identify them as Taylorsville youth representatives.

·        Youth who successfully complete their year as Ambassadors will receive a scholarship to their university of choice or reimbursement for

school expenses such as housing and/or books.


Criteria for selection:

·        Age 17-21 years of age

·        Minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

·        A Written platform for a community service project

·        A minimum of one year’s participation as a member of the Taylorsville Youth Council

·        A minimum of 75% participation in Youth Council meetings and City related activities

·        A minimum of two letters of recommendation from your school, employer, neighbor, or ecclesiastical leader.

·        Oral interview with selection panel

·        Candidate must reside in Taylorsville

·        A comprehensive list of previous extracurricular activities must be included with application



YOUTH AMBASSADOR applications will be available in August 2016 at:


Youth Ambassador Ltr-App 2017-2018

City of Taylorsville
City Council Coordinator's Office Room #109 (First floor, west wing)
2600 West Taylorsville Boulevard (5325 South)
Taylorville, Utah  84129

Please note that the  form has been provided in a downloadable Adobe PDF File format. In order to view and print this form, you must have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If needed, you may download a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here.



For more information regarding the Taylorsville Ambassador program or application process, please contact our City Council Coordinator at (801) 955-2007