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June 2013 Best of Taylorsville Winner!

Leisure Activities, Recreation and Parks Committee

Northern European Winters the Inspiration for “Best of Taylorsville” Winner

Imagine living on a tiny German island in the North Sea, where the winters are cold enough to freeze the ocean around you. Dieter Waegner remembers and he recalls the extra care his grandmother took to keep a variety of plants growing throughout her house as a contrast to the harsh conditions outside. Since immigrating in the 1950's, Waegner has had his fingers in the relatively warm Utah dirt, making good things grow. As winners of this month’s award recognizing excellent residential yard care, Dieter and Elaine Waegner, 5622 South Easton Street, admit the work of beautifying their space has been a matter of trial and error, and that it’s all been very rewarding. The Waegner landscape is an awesome array of seasonal flowers, shrubs, vines and trees. Most recently, the Waegners terraced their front yard, which before, simply sloped from the porch to the sidewalk. It’s a handsome addition to a real neighborhood showcase. For their excellent efforts the Waegners will be recognized at a Taylorsville City Council meeting in June where they will receive a beautiful plaque donated by Crown Trophy of Taylorsville.