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Neighborhood Compliance

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Mission Statement

sweeping “The Neighborhood Compliance Program will serve the City of Taylorsville by enforcing City codes and zoning ordinances fairly, with consistency, understanding and empathy.” - City of Taylorsville Neighborhood Compliance Program


What is Neighborhood Compliance?

The City of Taylorsville has established local laws, called City Codes, which are designed to promote safe and attractive residential neighborhoods and commercial districts. To enforce these codes, The Taylorsville City Council has adopted by resolution the Taylorsville Neighborhood Compliance Program, which is intended to provide enforcement of City Codes in a responsible, fair, and impartial manner.




The City of Taylorsville has assigned a staff member to identify and respond to various City Code violations. Most violations or infractions can be quickly corrected once the property owner has been contacted. However, for property owners who are unwilling to comply with City ordinances, the City will pursue all legal methods necessary to abate nuisances and property violations. Please call Neighborhood Compliance at (801) 963-5400, or to register a complaint on-line, please click here.




The City of Taylorsville Community Development Department has authored a series of information forms and articles that contain a variety of useful information on code enforcement for residents, property owners, and businesses. We have striven to make these forms accurate while being as succinct as possible. Most forms have been provided in a downloadable Adobe PDF file format. In order to view and print these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader installed on your computer. If needed, you may download a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here.





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Questions?For more information regarding property violations and enforcement activities, please contact the Neighborhood Compliance Department at (801) 963-5400.