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Business Licensing

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Taylorsville City Code requires a business license for all individuals and companies that conduct business within City limits. This requirement is applicable to the following type of businesses:\


  • Individuals operating a small business within their home;
  • Temporary or seasonal businesses; and
  • Permanent businesses located within City limits.

The Taylorsville Business Licensing Division is located at Taylorsville City Hall, 2600 West Taylorsville Boulevard, and is open Monday-Friday (except holidays) from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Application and Information Forms

The Community Development Department has authored a variety of information forms to help individuals understand business licensing and operational requirements in the City of Taylorsville. Information forms are available online here. Information forms are also available at:


Taylorsville City Hall
Community Development Department (2nd floor - east wing)
2600 West Taylorsville Boulevard (5325 S)
Taylorsville, Utah 84129


For more information on business licensing requirements please contact Virginia Kidd, Business Licensing at (801) 963-5400.