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Obtaining Permits for Home and Business Construction Benefits Everyone

Obtaining Permits for Home and Business Construction Benefits Everyone
When you enter a house or other type of building, you assume it is safely and properly constructed, and complies with state and local building codes. Fortunately, local safety experts work hard to ensure buildings are safe. To help raise awareness of building safety, the Taylorsville Community Development Department proudly celebrates Building Safety Month during May.
“When our building safety and fire prevention experts inspect buildings during and after construction, they help to ensure that the places where you live, learn, work, worship and play are safe,” said Taylorsville Community Development Director Mark McGrath. “Ensuring public safety is something we think about and do every day working with homebuilders, plumbers, roofers and other construction industry trades and contractors.”

Building codes address all aspects of construction, from structural to fire prevention, plumbing and mechanical systems, and energy efficiency. To ensure buildings are safe requires the active participation of code officials, fire inspectors, architects, builders, engineers, contractors and others in the construction industry, as well as property owners.

Protection of the life, safety, property and welfare of residents is met through the adoption and enforcement of codes which is achieved through permitting,” said McGrath. The purpose of the code is to ensure minimum requirements are met to safeguard public safety, health and general welfare.”

With the adoption and establishment of a set of minimum construction standards or codes, a community can impose reasonable standards for construction that will maintain the livability of the community while reducing risks to the public and emergency responders.
Cities are evaluated by an insurance service organization. This organization grades the city based upon compliance with the code, number of inspectors, permits, plan reviews, etc. The lower the city’s rating, the better the insurance rate offered to residents and business owners by the insurance industry. Further, construction on a home or commercial property may not be covered under an insurance claim if the work was not permitted or inspected by the city.  

Appraisers, adjusters, and title companies research city records to determine permit compliance, which may impact lending and sales rates.

Construction based upon code standards and verified through the permitting process will also limit liability to residents and business owners ensuring that inherent safety measures are met. Examples may include stair construction, handrails, guardrails, smoke detectors, fire sprinklers and fire alarms.

Countless home improvement projects within our community utilized the code review permitting and inspection process. They include basement finishes, additions, interior and exterior remodels, decks, garages, sheds, pools, spas and hot tubs, and re-roofing projects. Energy upgrades such as window replacements, insulation, and appliance replacements, have also met this code review.  Information forms regarding the building and planning process are available at the Taylorsville Community Development Department, located on the second floor of City Hall. You can also call 801-963-5400 and speak to a Community Development staffer about permits.