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Addressing Your Concerns

The Court is not satisfied to simply serve justice.  Therefore, if you are dissatified with how your case was handled, you can do one or all of the following:

First, you are entitled to fully understand what happens in court, how decisions were made and the reasons for certain decisions.  If you have any questions, you should ask the judge before you leave court.  The judge may be able to explain why and how decisions were made.  You should never leave court without fully understanding the orders of the court.  If you are uncertain about any aspect of your case, be sure to get an answer from the court before you leave.  There are some limitations to the information the Court can provide to you.  For instance, the judge and the court clerks cannot give you legal advice or tell you what you should or should not do in your case. 

If questions arise after you have left court, you should call or write to the court and ask your questions.  You may ask to schedule a hearing so that you can ask the judge in person.  Be aware that we are required to give a copy of your letter to the prosecution.

If you are dissatisfied with the explanation of the court, you may file an appeal of your case if you submit a notice of appeal in writing within 30 days of the decision.  If you appeal from a conviction, you are entitled to a new trial in the Third District Court.  If you are appealing from a plea-in-abeyance agreement or other decision of the court, your are entitled to a new hearing.  Your notice of appeal must be submitted to the Taylorsville Justice Court.

If you believe that the judge has acted unethically, you may file a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Commission.  The Judicial Conduct Commission is an independent group of legislators, citizens and judges which investigates complaints that a judge has violated one or more of the Code of Judicial Conduct

If your complaint is about the court clerks, police or the prosecutor, you may file a complaint here

If you simply wish to make a suggestion on improving court service, you can send us a message by clicking here.