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Economic Development

“Economics is first and foremost about the thoughts leading up to choice.”
Gerald P. O'Driscoll, Director for The Heritage Foundation’s Center for International Trade and Economics

Taylorsville is aggressively pursuing economic development opportunities. Several businesses have found the many advantages that a Taylorsville location can provide, such as above-average household incomes and a substantial population near their business. Taylorsville offers a workforce that is younger than the national average and better educated!  Taylorsville is centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley - adjacent to several freeway exits. Our economic development team is eager to assist businesses to locate in Taylorsville and would be happy to give you more information.

Taylorsville is committed to working in partnership with successful and growing businesses to provide modern facilities, maintain competitive costs, and support strong logistics infrastructure.

Many businesses have already discovered Taylorsville’s advantages. The city is fortunate to host the Sorenson Research Park, a high-tech business park that includes firms such as Convergys, ICU Medical, ALS Laboratories, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Sorenson Communications. Other large employers that have been attracted to Taylorsville are Walmart, Unified State Laboratories, American Express, and Nelson Laboratories.
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Over half a million potential employees exist within reasonable commuting distance of the city.  Our workforce is younger than the national average and better educated! Utah has the fourth highest percentage of high school graduates and the 11th highest percentage of college graduates in the nation.

Taylorsville is centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley with the I-215 and Redwood Road intersection, Bangerter Highway frontage, and the principal east/west arteries of 4100, 4700, 5400, and 6200 South.

Regional, community, and neighborhood shopping/commercial centers along these corridors provide the nucleus of extraordinary commercial opportunities in Taylorsville.
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The City of Taylorsville supports a thriving business climate and the highest quality of life. City leaders have a unique approach in handling municipal services. The city is business-friendly and managed well by progressive-thinking leaders. It is Taylorsville’s quality of life, safety, and many amenities which provide a solid foundation for successful businesses.



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