2600 West Taylorsville Blvd. Taylorsville, Utah, 84129
Office: (801) 963-5400
Fax: (801) 963-7891

Taylorsville City Council

City Council District # 1

Ernest Burgess

Ernest Burgess

Ernest Burgess
4414  Summerwood Street
Taylorsville, Utah 84123
Phone: (801) 654-4482
E-Mail:  eburgess@taylorsvilleut.gov

Food Pantry/Tri Park

Cemetery Board

Healthy Taylorsville Committee

Green Committee

City Council District #2

Kristie Overson

Kristie Overson

Kristie Overson
1062 Stanley Glen Lane
Taylorsville, Utah 84123
Phone: (801) 244-2462
E-Mail:  koverson@taylorsvilleut.gov

Arts Council

Historic Preservation Committee

Mosquito Abatement District

Youth Council

City Council District #3

Brad Christopherson

Brad Christopherson

Brad Christopherson
2264 Benfox Circle
Taylorsville, Utah 84129
Phone: (801) 793-0247
E-mail: bchristopherson@taylorsvilleut.gov


Taxing Entity Committee

Ordinance Review Committee 

Arts Council Board


City Council District #4

Dama Barbour

Dama Barbour

Dama Barbour 
5538 Appian Way Taylorsville, UT 84129
Phone: (801) 573-0039
E-Mail: dbarbour@taylorsvilleut.gov 

Economic Development Committee


Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District

Council of Governments (Alternate) and ICSC


City Council District #5

Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong

Dan Armstrong:
2920 West Robinwood Drive
Taylorsville, UT 84129
Phone: (801) 599-8961
E-mail: darmstrong@taylorsville ut.gov

Budget Committee

Association of Municipal Governments

Public Safety Committee

Jordan River Commission

LARP Committee