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Current CERT Volunteers

With the beginning of 2015, the Taylorsville CERT organization has been largely revamped with the intent to more clearly organize our efforts in an activation.
We are working to have a standing roster of all the CERT trained volunteers. If you have already completed your training, please click here to have your information added to the roster.
Additional changes include a new map and organizational chart. The old ‘area’ boundaries have been redrawn and names changed. A CERT Coordinator has been assigned to each. Locate your home on the map below to find out which Division you will be a part of and who your coordinator will be.


CERT Response Map


CERT Deployment & Staging Area Training



If you have any other questions, please contact the CERT Program Manager, Bruce Holman, at 801-966-8376 or the City’s Emergency Manager, Donny Gasu at 801-963-5400.