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Cleanup Tips

See standards for garage sales and trimming vegetation, and get a free dump voucher

Code Enforcement Offers Reminders
Post Date:05/30/2019

Summertime is a great time for cleanup. Here are some tips from the city’s Code Enforcement Department:

garage saleGarage sales

With garage sale season upon us, keep in mind:

  • There is a limit of two garage sales at a residence per calendar year (Jan. 1 to Dec. 31). They must be separated by at least 14 days and cannot last longer than 48 consecutive hours.
  • If you are having a neighborhood garage sale, the material must be located at the residence of only one of the participating sellers.
  • Please do not post your signs on any traffic signs, power poles or in a way that may obstruct traffic or pedestrian flow. Be sure to retrieve any signs that you post throughout the city once your sale is over. Please don’t damage property with harsh adhesives and nails.
  • Parking can also become an issue with garage sales. Please ask people to not park within 10 feet of mailboxes and most especially to not block the sidewalk.

Additional information regarding garage sale standards can be found on the city website under ordinance #13.11.130.

Weeds and things

Due to the plentiful moisture this past winter and spring, the city is experiencing robust growth of vegetation.

Trees need to be trimmed to a height of 13.5 feet above the street and 7 feet above the sidewalk.

Vegetation should be trimmed back so it doesn’t cover the sidewalk, and weeds must be trimmed to no longer than 6 inches. 

Additional information regarding landscape maintenance can also be found on the city website under ordinances. 

cleanup-dump voucherNeighborhood Cleanup

With this year’s Neighborhood Cleanup not happening until September, we’d like to urge you to take advantage of the two free dump vouchers per property.  Those can be picked up at the administration desk at City Hall on the second floor, west end of the building.
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