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The Department of Professional Licensing - This is a good place to find state amendments to the building code, licensing information regarding contractors (and inspectors), and information about who can do what types of work.

The Department of Air Quality - The D.A.Q. will need to be contacted for demolition work, and of course address air quality issues. The D.A.Q. will also work with you to mitigate airborne health hazards and safe disposal of asbestos products.

The International Code Council (ICC) - Sounds impressive right? These are the folks who write the building codes the state adopts.

ICC Evaluation Reports - More often than not the manufacturers of products have specific requirements on how their products should be installed and used. These reports are prepared by the manufacturer and the I.C.C. that provide instructions that both meet the building code and the manufacturer’s instructions. Building departments ask for these a lot.

Amendments to Utah's Building Code - This will take you to the Utah’s amendments to the building code, and the official information on what codes and standards the state has adopted.

Unified Fire - This is the fire department that services Taylorsville. In addition to saving folks they also perform inspections and plan review, helping to prevent accidents before they happen.

The Salt Lake County Health Department - Often they will be involved in food related services, like restaurants. They may also be involved in demolition work or mitigating lead based paints. However, they do address health concerns in any type of building.

Taylorsville/Bennion Improvement District - This is the water / sewer district that services most of Taylorsville.

Utah Energy Codes - Here you can get a program called RESCheck. Its free from the department of energy, and there is a version made just for Utah’s codes. It can help to provide options for complying with the energy codes the state has adopted.

Rocky Mountain Power - The electrical utility company that serves Taylorsville. This is a good spot to check for information on upgrading or changing your electrical meter. Often they have requirements that exceed the National Electrical Code.

Dominion Energy - This is the gas utility for Taylorsville. If you need to change your gas meter or operating pressures you’ll want to contact them.