City Attorney's Office

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javelThe Taylorsville City Attorney’s Office provides authoritative legal advice to the city and its officials, defends the city’s legal rights, operations and interests, and effectively prosecutes those who violate the law. The City Attorney’s Office performs legal services on behalf of the City of Taylorsville. It does not represent or provide legal advice to individual citizens or businesses.


  • Can I discuss my case with the prosecutor before the hearing date?
  • Can the City Attorney's Office represent private citizens who do not have funds to hire an private attorney or give legal advice?
  • How do I apply for restitution?
  • How do I find out my court date?
  • Should I report possible crimes or code violations to the City Attorney's Office?
  • What is "restitution"?
  • What is a "public defender?"
  • What is the difference between the City Attorney's Office and the City Prosecutor's Office?
  • Who does the City Attorney work for?
  • Why can't I 'drop the charges' against someone who has committed a crime against me?
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