General Information for Traffic Matters

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If you have been charged with committing a traffic violation in Taylorsville, the following information may help you through the criminal justice system. Bear in mind that traffic violations are criminal matters by nature. The Court follows all applicable rules, statutes, and codes governing trial procedure. However, the following general information is provided as a guide to assist you. For specific legal advice concerning your case, you must consult an attorney. Neither the Court nor the clerks may provide legal assistance to you.

Every time you arrive for court, you should check in first with the court clerks at the front counter. Additional information may be provided to you by the clerks concerning your hearing or case. Usually, you will be sent to a room to watch a short video explaining the court proceeding and your Constitutional Rights. You will then be given a form to request that your case be called. Fill out the form and give it to the court clerk, when you are ready to have the judge call your case to be heard.


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