Amateur Radio Emergency Communications

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HAMnet volunteerIn emergency situations traditional means of communications may be inundated or even unavailable to use in coordinating response efforts. In moments like these, Emergency Management professionals turn to Amateur Radio Operators.

The City of Taylorsville proudly supports the Taylorsville HAMnet which is operated by licensed volunteer operators located in the Taylorsville, Utah and surrounding areas. These operators gather in a weekly check-in to practice their organization and skills in anticipation for an emergency.

Amateur Radio OperatorIf you are a license Amateur Radio Operator, please add your information to the Taylorsville HAMnet roster. This will allow you to receive communications and announcements from the HAMnet.

The weekly net is held every Monday night at 8:30 on 146.940 (88.5 tone) and monthly in-person meetings are held every last Saturday of the month at the Taylorsville Heritage Center located at1488 West 4800 South, Taylorsville.