Planning Commission Members by District

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Members of the Taylorsville Planning Commission are appointed by the City Council and serve four-year terms. Each Commission member must be a resident of the City. In order to promote geographic representation on the Planning Commission, one Commission member is appointed from each of the five City Council districts. Two Commission members plus the alternate member are appointed "at large" and do not represent any particular district.

Commission members elect the Chairman annually. The alternate member may participate in regular meetings due to an absence of a regular Commissioner. For more information on the powers and duties of the Planning Commission, please see Chapter 13.06 (entitled Planning Commission) of the Taylorsville City Code.

Planning Commission Members

The following table is a list of current Planning Commission members serving the City of Taylorsville.

Name Planning District EMAIL 

Don Quigley


Kent Burggraaf 1 (at large)
Marc McElreath 2
Anna Barbieri 3
Lynette Wendel 4

David Wright

 4 (at large)

Gordon Willardson

 Don Russell   alternate