Taylorsville Arts Council

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 Taylorsville Arts Council-Arts Show


The Taylorsville Arts Council is a robust committee of volunteers, who plan a number of arts events in the city each year — from the popular Taylorsille's Got Talent show, to its summer musical and performances at Taylorsville Dayzz, to the annual Taylorsville Art Show and so much more. The arts are celebrated in Taylorsville, where audiences can enjoy work of the highest caliber thanks largely to the efforts of the Arts Council and its members.

That work and creativity is certain only to grow in distinction with the opening of the Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center. The new facility, scheduled to open in fall 2020, will serve not only as a home base for the Taylorsville Arts Council but as a centerpiece for the arts both citywide and regionally. 

Below are the latest scheduled Arts Council events. Also, look to their Facebook page for more information:

Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center 

See updates on construction of the new Mid-Valley Performing Arts Center here.


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Fly Tower
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Mid-Valley stage
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