Common Summer Compliance Issues

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The City of Taylorsville strives to maintain a healthy community and has adopted ordinances to assist in maintaining the health and safety of its residents. Adherence to the ordinances is necessary to promote a safe and healthy community.

During the summer months these are some of the more common violations:

Garage sales

With garage sale season upon us her are some important things you’ll need to know if you plan on having one:

  • There is a limit of 2 garage sales at a residence per calendar year (January 1 – December 31), they must be separated by at least 14 days and they cannot last longer that forty-eight (48) consecutive hours. 
  • If you are having a neighborhood garage sale, the material must be located at the residence of only one of the participating sellers. 
  • Please do not post your signs on any traffic signs, power poles or in a way that may obstruct traffic or pedestrian flow.  Be sure to retrieve any signs that you post throughout the city once your sale is over.    Please don’t damage property with harsh adhesives and nails. 
  • Parking can also become an issue with garage sales.  Please ask people to not park within  10’ of mailboxes and most especially to not block the sidewalk. 
  • There is additional information regarding garage sale standards that can be found on the City website under ordinance #13.11.130.

Family Ordinance

In nearly all residential areas of Taylorsville, homes are built and designed for a single family. The City does allow however up to three (3) additional persons to live with a family, but only if the people in the home share living space or common areas. Rooms may not be rented out to individual occupants. Off-street parking must be provided for additional persons living with the family in the home.


During the summer season, graffiti becomes quite a problem in all cities and communities throughout the valley. To assist with graffiti removal residents may pick up a voucher for a free gallon of paint from the receptionist desk at City Hall or call the Graffiti Hot Line; 385-468-9769 to obtain helpful hints on how to remove graffiti. Removing the graffiti from your property in a timely manner is a great deterrent in helping prevent further graffiti being added in the same area.


All residential property is required to have landscaping in the front of the home. Landscaping can take on several forms; grass, all types of plants and other allowed vegetation, decorative rock, mulch, and bark are also acceptable types of landscaping. Many great ideas on the best ways to landscape with very little watering can be obtained by visiting Jordan Valley Water Conservation Gardens at 8275 South 1300 West. Entrance is free.

Backyard Chickens

Taylorsville has adopted a backyard chicken ordinance which allows its residents to keep chickens in their backyard for egg production. A permit must be obtained from the planning department at City Hall. Certain requirements must be met to keep chickens in a residential zone. The number of chickens is determined by the size of the residential lot. Roosters are strictly prohibited.

Rental Property

All owners of rental property within the corporate limits of Taylorsville must obtain a business license. The business license department has the necessary paperwork which must be filled out by the property owner. Participation in the “Good Landlord” program is a great benefit to owners of rental property. Single family dwellings may be rented to only one family.

Fire Pits

The Unified Fire Department regulates fire pits. The general guidelines for a fire pit are: The pit must be no closer than 25 feet from any structure, the pit may be no larger than three feet in diameter. Care should be taken to protect the flames from spreading from the pit by having it in a deep-enough opening. The flames from the pit must be kept at a height of two feet or less. Only clean firewood may be burned in the pit.

Please contact Taylorsville Code Enforcement at 801-955-2013 or 801-955-2053 if there are any questions.